A. Bernard Gustafson

One of the progressive business men of St. Louis County is A. Bernard Gustafson, manager of the Architects and Engineers Supply Company of Duluth, a man whose persistent efforts, inventive genius and technical ability have brought to him the prosperity which is today his. He has not only been energetic in advancing his own interests, but he has ever stood ready to do what he could in pushing forward the wheels of progress and advancing commercial prosperity in this community, and his career, both public and private, has been one worthy of the high esteem which those who know him freely accord.

A. Bernard Gustfason is a native son of the city still honored by his citizenship, having been born here on the 1st day of March, 1893, and is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gustafson, the former of whom is still living, at the age of fifty-six years. A. Bernard Gustafson, who is the only child born to his parents, received his educational training in the public schools of Duluth and Minneapolis. He then spent five and a half years as a draftsman in the offices of leading engineers in the city of Duluth, and at the end of that time went into business for himself, his concern, known as Duluth Blue Prints, soon becoming widely and favorably known among all vocations having use for prints of that sort. In 1913 the business was incorporated and in 1917 it was consolidated with other interests under the style of the Architects and Engineers Supply Company, of which Mr. Gustafson has since been manager and major stockholder. The company is equipped for the quick production of blue prints, blue line prints and black line prints, and also make a specialty of mapping, drafting and coloring, so that it is in the fullest sense a “house of service” for architects, engineers, draftsmen and surveyors. They also carry a full supply of all materials used in the professions mentioned, and verify in the fullest way their slogan, “Our business is everything that our name implies.” Their business has steadily grown until it now averages over thirty thousand dollars annually. They are the originators of a new patent washing and drying process which greatly simplifies and expedites their work.

Politically Mr. Gustafson is a Democrat. He is a member of the Masonic Order, belonging to Trinity Lodge No. 282. He is a man of fine personal qualities of character and genial in his relations with others, and therefore he enjoys to a marked degree the esteem and good will of all who know him.


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