Edwin F. Johnson

Edwin F. Johnson, while growing to manhood chose the profession and career of undertaking and embalming and has practiced that vocation continuously since he graduated from university twelve years ago. He is now the head of F. A. Johnson and Son, undertakers and funeral directors at Duluth.

He was born at Evansville, Minnesota, August 4, 1888. His father, F. A. Johnson, was born in Sweden and came to America at the age of nineteen and joined a brother in Minneapolis. This brother had located at Minneapolis some time previously and was engaged in the lumber business there, and F. A. Johnson found employment in the lumber yard for two or three years and then moved to Evansville, Minnesota, where he was engaged in the retail lumber business on his own account until about 1896. His next location was at Elbow Lake, Minnesota, where he carried on an extensive business as a hardware merchant and lumberman until 1918. In that year he moved to Duluth and joined his son as the business head of F. A. Johnson and Son, funeral directors.

Edwin F. Johnson was eight years of age when the family removed to Elbow Lake. and he acquired most of his public school education there, including the high school course. For two vears he attended Minnesota College in Minneapolis and took the embalmers’ course at University of Minnesota in 1908. As a licensed embalmer he was employed by several undertakers in Duluth and elsewhere for several years, and for five years was traveling salesman for the firm of Janney, Semple, Hill & Company of Minneapolis. Then, on May 1, 1918, associated with his father, he established the present business of F. A. Johnson and Son.

For the first two years the firm was located at 319 East Superior street, and having outgrown the quarters there moved to a specially equipped funeral home at 514 East Third street. The firm maintains its own funeral equipment, and Mr. Edwin F. Johnson gives his personal supervision to all cases. The firm has a splendid location convenient to transportation, and its business and service are highly appreciated.


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