Stephen R. Kirby

Stephen R. Kirby, Sr., a Duluth and Iron Range bank executive was a prominent figure in the banking field. He was director and chairman of the boards of Hibbing and Virginia First National Banks and was a director and executive committee chairman of the Northern Minnesota National Bank in Duluth. Shortly after the turn of the century, when Minnesota’s mining communities were growing, Mr. Kirby organized new banks in a number of these towns. By the time he was 26 he had controlling interest in six financial institutions in the state’s northern areas. He was also an avid car enthusiast and organized Ford agencies in Duluth and many Iron Range cities. His public service also was extensive: in Hibbing he served as village council and school board member and was Hibbing postmaster from 1902-1907. His great accomplishments and accumulation of wealth led to a substantial donation of $400,000.00 to UMD for a student service center.


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