Leslie Walworth Leithhead

Leslie Leithead. (Image: Duluth Public Library)

Leslie Walworth Leithhead, an active, wide-awake and progressive business man of Duluth, Minn., is a native of Montreal, Canada. He was born August 6, 1868, and is a son of James  B. and Charlotte (Davis) Leithhead. He gained his education in the common schools of his native place and later pursued a course of study at the Montreal College of Chemistry, where he was graduated in 1889, receiving the gold medal for the excellence of his minor and major examinations.

For a period of ten years, from June 10, 1880, Mr. Leithhead was connected with the wholesale drug house of Kenneth, Campbell and Company of Montreal, and from 1890 to 1893 was in charge of the laboratory of Messrs. Lyman, Knox and Company, of the same place. Going to Winnipeg, Man., in 1893, he remained there three years as a member of the Martin, Bole and Wynne Company, and in 1896 settled at Duluth, where he purchased an interest in the business of the Sagar Drug Company.

In the year 1900 he organized the L. W. Leithhead Drug Company, importers, wholesale druggists and manufacturing chemists, of which he is president and general manager. Mr. Leithhead is a licentiate of pharmacy in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota. He is a Republican in political opinion and in his religious affiliations is an Episcopalian. He is fond of good comradeship and holds membership in the Kitchi Gammi, Commercial, Northland Golf and Minnesota (St. Paul) clubs, and the Minnesota Society (New York). He delights in out-of-door recreations and is especially fond of fishing and hunting.

On October 8, 1902, Mr. Leithhead married Miss Ophelia Sellwood, of Duluth.


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