Anton Werner Lignell

Anton Verner Lignell. (Image: Tor Ahlstedt)

Anton Werner Lignell (1867-1954) was born in Aland, Sweden. He immigrated to Butte, Montana in 1888, where he designed the Anaconda Copper Mining Company Employees Club. He moved to Duluth in 1903 and by 1905 had formed an architectural partnership with Frederick German, which lasted until 1912. It is supposed that Lignell’s mining connections, as well as sharing a Swedish heritage with the owner, brought him the spectacular commission of designing the East End residence of Gust and Hanna Carlson in 1910. That house is located at 202 North 24th Avenue East. Other buildings German and Lignell designed during their partnership include:

  • The William and Margrette Cole Residence
  • Service Motor Company Drivers’ Union Hall located at 124 E. Superior Street (1908)
  • The YWCA at 202 W. 2nd Street (1908)
  • Residence at 2222-24 East First Street

Buildings for which Lignell had sole design responsibility include:

  • The Henderson Building at the corner of East 5th Avenue and Superior Street;
  • Several buildings in Woodland Cemetery
  • The Cook County Courthouse in Grand Marais
  • The Roseau County Courthouse
  • The Duluth Steam Bath Building located at 18-20 East First Avenue (1921)

Lignell died at age 85 in 1954 in Oahu, Hawaii (then still a Territory of the U.S.) where he had been living with his daughter for the last five years of his life.


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