Dr. Archibald Leete McDonald

Dr. Archibald Leete McDonald was founder of the St. Louis County Medical Association and was former Chief of Staff of St. Luke’s Hospital.  Highly esteemed by his peers, he was listed in Who’s Who in the Midwest.  He organized the Department of Anatomy and Physiology at the North Dakota University Medical School and headed that university anatomy department from 1905 to 1911.  He was a director of the Duluth Free Dispensary from 1923 to 1928 and medical director of Miller Memorial Hospital in 1932-1933. He was president of the Interurban Academy of Medicine in 1921 and the Western Surgical Association from 1920 to 1924.  In his career he was also an active supporter of the Bethel Home for Women, the British Recruiting Mission and Friends of the Library.


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