Henry Myers

Henry Myers was not only a Duluth real estate “dealer,” but was involved in a whole range of business and political activities.  Early reports of real estate transactions abound.  By 1905 he owned property on First Street in downtown Duluth and was planning a 2-story commercial block with basement in it.  He was naturally interested in the siting of the proposed St. Louis County Courthouse, and 1905 saw him serving on a citizens advisory committee concerning that matter.  Transportation was an early interest—he was a stockholder in and the treasurer for the Duluth Belt Line Railway Company that operated the Incline Railway.  Later, as the automobile era dawned, be became involved with the Duluth Automobile Club and state legislation of automobiles.  In 1907 he incorporated the Myers Brothers Company of Duluth with his brother Benjamin F. Myers, of which he was president and assistant treasurer.  The newspaper report of the incorporation stated that the company was “authorized to do practically every kind of business, real estate, elevators, warehouses, halls and buildings, exploration work and mining, lumber and merchandise.”  Seven years later Myers’s Niles Land Company was in court with claims against the Oliver Iron Mining Co. and the Chemung Iron Co.  First Lady Mrs. Warren G. Harding (Florence Kling) was his cousin from his native Ohio, which may have drawn him into the world of politics.   At least one newspaper account describes a dinner party given by Senator and Mrs. Frank B. Kellogg at their home in St. Paul in honor of the soon to be President, Senator Warren Harding, and his wife at which Henry and Lucy Myers were guests.  During the first two decades of the 20th century, the papers regularly reported on the couple’s social activities and frequent trips (Texas in 1901, Los Angeles in 1903, Alaska in 1904, The South in 1910, etc.), as well as their son’s attendance at the Culver Military Academy in Indiana, and lectures by well-known out-of-town speakers in their home at 2505 East First Street.  Henry Myers’s brief 1931 obituary does not do him justice:

Henry H. Myers Dies, Aged 74.  Duluth Real Estate Man Was Resident for 37 Years. Henry H. Myers, 74, 2505 East First street, Duluth business man who had been a resident of the city for 37 years, died Sunday noon at St. Luke’s hospital following a three-week illness.   Born in 1857 in Mansfield, Ohio, Mr. Myers came to Duluth in 1884 and had engaged in the real estate business here since.


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