Carl E. Nystrom

Carl Nystrom (1867-1944) was a Swedish native architect who immigrated to Ashland, Wisconsin, in 1889 and then moved to Ironwood, Michigan. After residing there for three years, he made his way to Duluth in 1892. After a brief removal to Calumet, Michigan “during the panic” (of 1893) he worked with Architect Frank L. Young, during which the East End home of Sheldon and Elsie Frazer House was constructed (1903). After this date Nystrom became a partner of William T. Bray. The prolific firm of Bray & Nystrom designed 17 homes in the East End (See Appendix E), and many other important residences as well:

  • M. G. Goshey Residence at 2521 East Sixth Street (1907)
  • George Cole Residence at 1901 East Third Street (1908)
  • Charles F. Jaky Residence at 2401 East Fifth Street (1908)
  • William J. O’Connor Residence at 2412 East Fifth Street (1908)
  • O. S. Andreson Residence at 2609 East Fifth Street (1908)
  • T. F. Coles Residence at 1617 East Second Street (1909)
  • J. S. Lutes Residence at 2601 East Sixth Street (1909)
  • H. S. Newll Residence at 2431 East Fifth Street (1909)
  • J. E. Lundmark I Residence at 2033 Woodland Avenue (1910)
  • E. G. Townsend Residence at 236 West Lewis Street (1911)
  • J. E. Lundmark II Residence at 2115 Woodland Avenue (1911)

When Bray and Nystrom dissolved their partnership in 1915, Nystrom opened his own office in the Palladio Building in downtown Duluth. He did not design any homes alone in the East End survey area.  Nystrom died in 1944 at age 76 after living and working in Duluth for 52 years.


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