Charles L. Rakowsky

Charles L. Rakowsky was born in Duluth on March 4, 1868, of German parentage. His parents are John G. and Mary (Krause) Rakowsky. The father emigrated from Germany in 1854 and the mother in 1853. His father located first in Old Superior in 1855. He was married later to Mary Krause, daughter of an old German settler, Charles Krause, and later located in Duluth, Minn., where he engaged in mercantile business, which he successfully followed for thirty years. Both parents are living in retirement in Duluth, Minn., having reared a family of three sons and two daughters, who are all married, and of whom Charles L. Rakowsky is the eldest.

Charles received his early education in the public schools of 871  Duluth and at the age of thirteen years he sailed for Germany and entered the royal gymnasium at Allensten, East Prussia.

After completing his studies there he returned in November, 1888, to the United States and located again in Duluth, where he is now engaged in business. Since taking up his residence there he has served the county of St. Louis as a deputy county auditor and as such filled the position of clerk of the board of county commissioners for a number of years. He resigned said office to engage in the real estate and insurance business as manager of the insurance department of R. B. Knox & Co. of that city. In February, 1907, he embarked in the same line of business with W. W. Fenstermacher, of Duluth, Minn., under the firm name of C. L. Rakowsky & Co., and later said firm was incorporated under the same name and is doing a large and flourishing business.

In September, 1908, Mr. R. was appointed city assessor of the city of Duluth for a period of two years, which office he now holds and is filling to the best of his ability and judgment.

Mr. R. is a member of the Commercial Club, of the Duluth Real Estate Exchange and an active member of the Evangelical Association.

He is also one of the trustees of the Old Settlers’ Association of the head of the lakes.

On December 24, 1890, he was united in marriage to Miss Anna L. Pfenning, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Pfenning, of Milwaukee, Wis. Mr. and Mrs. Rakowsky have six children, viz: Roland H. (died at the age of fourteen years); Erna L., aged sixteen; Charles L., Jr. (died at the age of eighteen months); Sylvia M., aged twelve; John G., aged ten years, and Charlotte A., aged six months.


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