Hugh M. Roberts

Hugh M. Roberts, a mining engineer and geologist was known throughout the world.  His 1965 obituary documents his contributions locally and globally:

Hugh M. Roberts, 79, Devonshire Apartments, a Duluth mining engineer and geologist known throughout the world, died unexpectedly early today just two days after his wife, Margery B. Roberts, died of a heart attack.  He was an adviser to fee owners and mining companies.  Among the major mines and mining ranges he helped discover were the Falcon Bridge Mine and Sudbury Nickel District in Ontario; Steep Rock Mines and the Steep Rock Range near Port Arthur, Ontario; Bomi Hill Iron Range, Libya, Africa, and iron deposits in Brazil, Labrador and Venezuela.  Mr. Roberts advised on properties in Alaska, Brazil, Canada, Cuba, Isle of Pines, Labrador, Libya, Nova Scotia and Venezuela.  He also advised on many iron ore properties in Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Utah, and copper, zinc, gold and silver properties in Alaska, Canada, Colorado, Mexico, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, and Washington.   An open pit iron ore mine operated by Steep Rock Iron Mines Limited in northwestern Ontario has been named in honor of Mr. Roberts.


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