Sarah Turle

Sarah Turle lived with her husband Walter (one of the grain commissioners mentioned previously) at 2216 E Superior Street in a new 1898 house. In 1900 the Turles had two children and 2 servants living with them.  She was a well-known artist who, along with her husband, was listed in the American Art Annual published in 1917, as both a miniaturist and a painter. Her work was exhibited in New York, Chicago, Baltimore and Philadelphia.  Indeed, a group of her watercolors were auctioned off recently.  Her work was notable enough to be reviewed in a Parisian journal:

…Modern miniaturists are still very few.  Of these, there is one in America, Mrs. Sarah A. Turle, whose work at the last exhibition of the Brooklyn Society of Miniature Painters, was very unusual.  What distinguishes her work at first glance is the vividness of coloring which gives her miniatures a great deal of individuality, as well as freedom and atmosphere.


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