Anton Charles Weiss

Anton Charles Weiss has all the honors and dignities attaching to veteran experience in Minnesota journalism, and has served for practically three decades as editor and publisher of the Duluth Herald, one of the oldest papers of northern Minnesota, and for many years the undisputed leading daily of Duluth.

Mr. Weiss was born at Sheboygan, Wisconsin, September 20, 1862, a son of John and Louise (Fleischer) Weiss. He has been a resident of Minnesota since 1870 and of Duluth since 1884. He acquired his education in the public schools, and gained his early training in newspaper work in the office and on the staff of the Pioneer Press of St. Paul. He served that great Minnesota paper for ten years.

The Duluth Herald was established in 1883 by Myron Bunnell, who after six years sold out. One of its editors was J. Adam Bede, the distinguished Minnesota congressman. A stock company was formed to acquire the ownership of the Herald plant in 1891, and it was in November of that year that Mr. Weiss bought a financial interest and became president, treasurer and general manager of the company. He had been in Duluth for several years as the Duluth representative and correspondent of the Pioneer Press of St. Paul. Mr. Weiss has been the inspiration and guiding genius of the Herald for thirty years, and has made it one of the leading papers of the northwest, both in quality of service and also in the high standard of its mechanical equipment.

He was a director of the Associated Press from 1910 until 1921. He has long been prominent in Democratic politics and public affairs. The first public office he held was as alderman of Duluth in 1888-90. From 1890 to 1893 he was a member of the Board of Managers of the Minnesota State Prison. He was a delegate at large to the National Convention of the Democratic party at Denver in 1908, and also a delegate at large and chairman of the Minnesota delegation at the Baltimore Convention in 1912, and during that campaign was a member of the Advisory Board- of the Democratic National Committee. Mr. Weiss served as a member of the Minnesota Commission of Public Safety during the World war. He is a member of the Commercial Club of Duluth, the Kitchi Gammi and Northland Country Golf Clubs, the Duluth Curling Club and the Duluth Boat Club. On October 5, 1887, he married Mary D. Sherwin, of McMinnville, Tennessee.


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