Charles B. Woodruff

Charles B. Woodruff president of the Woodruff Lumber Company and one of the veteran lumber operators in the Duluth district has been known to the trade as a manufacturer and dealer for over thirty-seven years.

Mr. Woodruff was born in Detroit, Michigan, and in 1884 came to Duluth with the Barnhart Lumber Company and entered the lumber business, manufacturing lumber from the logs and selling their output of white pine to the trade in Minnesota, Dakota and the southwest for three years, when he succeeded the Barnhart Lumber Company by himself, uinder the firm name of C. B. Woodruff. With his own capital he conducted mill and yards and sold and shipped lumber to the trade in North Dakota and Minnesota.

Finally, in 1907, his business interests were incorporated under the title of the Woodruff Lumber Company, with himself as president and his nephew, Arthur W. King, as secretary and treasurer. This company is engaged in the manufacturing of interior finish, doors, sash, millwork of all kinds, along with the general lumber business, handling and selling all kinds of lumber, pine, hardwoods, California and Washington Coast fir lumber and timbers. The Woodruff Lumber Company employ about one hundred men, and has a model plant and factory extending from 800 to 925 on Garfield avenue (Rice’s Point) where their offices are located. They also have a large distributing warehouse and yard at 22nd avenue, East, and the Duluth & Iron Range Railroad tracks in east end of the city.


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