Arthur P. Cook House

Cook House. (Image: Zenith City Press)
501 West Skyline Parkway | Architect: I. Vernon Hill | Built: 1900 | Extant

Most Duluthians know the Arthur P. Cook house (named for its first owner, a Duluth druggist who dabbled in real estate) as the “House of Rock” both for the rocky lot it sits on and the incorporation of the same stone by architect I. Vernon Hill, who was just thirty-one years old when he designed it. With arguably one of the best views of the Duluth-Superior harbor, the house was built of stone and timber for just $5,000. It became the most photographed house in Duluth and in 1931 was featured in an advertisement for the Duluth Builders’ Exchange, touting the future of Duluth as a “metropolis serving the great Northwest Empire and its Atlantic Gateway.” Those cruising Skyline Parkway today (Boulevard Drive at the time the house was built) would be remiss if they don’t pull over for a long look at this much-coveted home.