Denfeld High School

A lithographic postcard of Duluth’s Denfeld High School made some time before 1925. (Image: Zenith City Press)
4405 West 4th Street | Abraham Holstead & William J. Sullivan, Architects | Built: 1926 | Extant

Built in a style dubbed Collegiate English Gothic, Denfeld High School (home of the Hunters) reflects Renaissance ideals. The building is shaped like an H with a rising clock tower that stands for “aspiring idealism.” The building’s eight buttresses were intended to represent “the eight types of human beings who supported the human kingdom: masters, rulers, philanthropists, philosophers, magicians, scientists, devotees, and artists.” Stone carvings of Renaissance symbolism adorn the school. The building is still in use as a high school today; it takes its name from Robert E. Denfeld, Duluth’s superintendent of schools for over thirty years beginning in 1885.

Denfeld High has a rich history, and we’ll be writing more on the home of the Hunters in the future. In the meantime, click here to visit the Denfeld Alumni Association’s website for more information.