Duluth Steam Bath (Duluth Family Sauna)

18-20 North 1st Avenue East | Architect: A. Werner Lignell | Built: 1921 | Extant

Constructed in 1921, this one-story commercial building has a long, narrow rectangular footprint. Set on a sloping site, the primary façade incorporates a sublevel on the southern half, as does the entire south façade. The symmetrical light yellow brick façade is divided into three distinct bays, the two outer bays set forward of a recessed central bay containing two side entries. The outer bays are pierced by a single window opening of two large fixed panes topped by a three-light transom, with simple flats heads and sills of the same brick as the façade.

On the southern half, a single three-light wood frame window is situated below the first floor opening to serve the lower level on that half of the building. The recessed central bay has a slightly more elaborate treatment with three 1/1 wood double hung windows that are enlivened by semicircular fixed transoms filled with patterned clear glazing. A wood paneled door with a single light is set into the interior side of each bay, providing flanking entries from the central bay. A plain brick parapet is divided into three sections with a low arch and brick patterning above the outer bays, and is now covered with metal panels added at an unknown date. Long sidewalls of common brick contain multiple window openings of 1/1 double hung wood windows with brick sills and heads, which are set above smaller fixed wood windows on the south façade.

From the National Register of Historic Places Registration for the Duluth Commercial Historic District prepared by Mike Koop of the Minnesota State Office of Historic Preservation, 2005.


  • Koop, Michael. “National Register of Historic Places Registration for the Duluth Commercial Historic District.” Minnesota State Office of Historic Preservation, St. Paul: 2005.
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