Hunter Block

The Hunter Block. (Duluth Public Library)
31 West Superior Street | Architect: Unknown | Built: 1872 | Extant
The Hunter’s Block in 2012. (Image: Zenith City Press)

This three-story, highly altered red sandstone building sits in a large rectangular lot at the northeast corner of the intersection of Superior Street and First Avenue West. While the original red sandstone masonry of the south and west facades appears to be largely intact at the second and third floor levels, the first floor storefront was completely renovated in 1987 with a new entry on the primary (south) façade, new fixed windows with fan light transoms on both facades, and a stucco skin topped by a green ceramic tile band. All of the windows have been replaced with new aluminum frame fixed and single hung windows, many with false muntins. The original cornice was lost in 1987 and replaced with a new simplified cornice consisting of a series of four stepped bands. Due to the extent of these alterations, this building is considered non-contributing to the historic district.