Lake View Tea & Dining Room

Lake View Tea & Dining added hand-drawn images of the canal, lift bridge, a steamer, and a speed boat to show potential customers you could indeed view the lake from the restaurant. (Image: Zenith City Press)
730 E. Superior Street | Architect: Unknown | Built: 1915 | Extant

The building first operated as a confectionery. It became the home of the Lake View Tea and Dining Room in the 1940s and remained so into the next decade. The postcard takes some geographic liberties: From that perspective, the actual canal and Lift Bridge wouldn’t be in the frame, and the speedboat would be in danger of running out of lake. But this card was designed to draw business, and even then the Lift Bridge was the biggest tourist draw in the region. Today the building sits among a row of historic buildings bookended by the Hartley Building and the Fitger’s Brewery Complex.