Tremont Hotel

Address: 12 North Lake Avenue | Architect: Austin Terryberry | Built: 1890 | Extant (Gardner Hotel)

Constructed in 1890, this Romanesque Revival style four-story brick building has a rectangular footprint with its common brick sidewalls exposed as a result of the demolition of the adjacent properties in 1988. It began its life as the Tremont Hotel, but switched proprietors and converted to the Gardner Hotel sometime prior to 1947. The dark red brick façade is divided into six vertical bays by flat pilasters with red sandstone details, and the whole is capped by an elaborated stepped brick cornice composed of patterned brickwork and a series of brick corbels with red sandstone detailing and coping stones. The first floor storefront was renovated in 1988 with new plate glass windows, and red brick and concrete block infill up to the level of the historic red sandstone string course below the second floor. Only the three vertical brick and red sandstone support columns are original construction at this floor. The second and third floors contain six window openings with flat, rough-faced red sandstone lintels and heads and recessed brick spandrel panels below. The windows are new 1/1 single hung units that replaced the originals in 1988. The third floor has six openings with rough-faced red sandstone lintels with recessed brick spandrel panels below and half-round heads composed of a series of three concentric brick arches and red sandstone trim. All windows on the exposed sidewalls are new 1/1 single hung replacement units installed in 1988.


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