Barthe-Martin Company

The Barthe-Martin Company began business in 1905, and in little more than a year established a trade that its owners might well have been satisfied with as the result of a half dozen year’s cultivation. The record of this young and vigorous house is that of a success that came from seizing a golden moment and opportunity for establishing such a house as there was room for because there was trade for it and none to compete with. The Barthe-Martin Company sells food products at-wholesale to the consumer. Five years ago the business was started in a very modest way for the business of selling goods at wholesale to the consumer was new to this field. It would depend for its outcome upon the methods used for getting the proposition before the consumer and delivering the goods. A. C. Barthe and J. L.

Martin knew the grocery business thoroughly. They knew the possibilities of the trade they entered, for in this field, more than in other communities, large buyers of groceries are numerous.

And large buyers invariably buy in the best market. The Barthe- Martin Company proposed to all sorts of buyers to sell them the best goods at the ruling wholesale prices.

The proposition was a hit from the start. Within a very short time the business increased so that the Barthe-Martin Company had to expand. The modest establishment became too small for the handling of the trade. The quarters became cramped, but there were other quarters to be had and more people to be employed.

At the conclusion of the first year’s business the company was occupying a fine building on West Michigan street and had four times as many employes as it had to start. The company sells from catalogue and has extended its trade very rapidly by making a special and obviously successful effort to sell only such food products as may be depended on for purity, and these at the lowest prices. The officers of the company are: A. C.Barthe, president and treasurer; F. Z. Barthe, secretary.


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