Leithhead Drug (through 1910)

Leithhead Drug. (Image: Duluth Public Library)

The L. W. Leithhead Drug Company occupies one of the conspicuous skyscraper type of buildings in the heart of Duluth’s wholesale district, which is an evidence in itself of the magnitude of the firm’s busines. Its plant is now one of the most complete in the country, and its trade has developed to such an extent that there is no more prosperous or promising field now available for Duluth merchants than this which is being exploited by the Leithhead company.

The company has been established eighteen years. As the Sager Drug Company it had acquired a considerable trade and when, in 1899, that company was organized as the Leithhead Drug Company, Mr. Leithhead, who had long been manager of the first house, became the president and guiding spirit of the new company. Mr. Leithhead was peculiarly well equipped to make the new company successful in a greater degree than the old. With ample capital, a knowledge of the trade and how to reach it, and being himself a skillful chemist, he was in a position to get all the results in sight. The manufacturing department was amplified and all the advantages that appertain to a house trading at Duluth in a large way were utilized. Within five years the company outgrew its quarters and new quarters were obtained. Here extensive and complete laboratories are maintained for the compounding of drugs and the manufacture of those remedies which bear the house name and which have a widespread reputation. Extensive lines of druggists’ supplies and sundries are carried and the whole line of the trade is looked out for on a scale equal to that upon which the great drug houses of New York and Chicago operate. The field covered by the traveling men representing the house on the road includes Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, North Dakota and South Dakota.

The officers of the Leithhead Drug Company are: L. W. Leithhead, president and manager; Oscar Lonegren, secretary.


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