Northern Drug (through 1922)

While not one of Duluth’s oldest concerns, the Northern Drug Company has done much to broaden the prestige of the Zenith City as a distributing center, and is now easily one of the largest drug houses in northern Minnesota.

The company was organized and incorporated under the laws of Minnesota December 15, 1913. The first officials were R. M. Sellwood, LaRue S. Mershon and G. G. Hartley. While there have been some exceptional circumstances and many adversities to contend with, the company has steadily grown. Being close to navigation and railroads, it has certain natural advantages permitting high class service, and even with labor shortage and other difficulties has taken much pride in maintaining a record for filling orders the same day as received. The business is at 14-16 Commerce street, with twenty thousand square feet of floor space in an eight-story building. At the present time seven traveling representatives of the house cover the states of Minnesota, Wisconsin and North Dakota.

G. H. Carson, treasurer and manager of the Northern Drug Company, was born at Des Moines, Iowa, January 8, 1877, and during his early life acquired a broadly diversified training and experience in the packing business, wholesale grocery and wholesale baking business at St. Paul. He came to Duluth in 1909, and has had active charge of the Northern Drug Company from the time of its organization.


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