Excursion Steamer Columbia

The Columbia. (Image: Zenith City Online)

The Detroit Drydock Company built the Columbia as the Mascotte and launched her in 1885. She served in Toledo, Buffalo, Detroit, Saulte Ste. Marie, and Mount Clemens, Michigan, before arriving in Duluth in 1906 after she was purchased by Walter S. Lloyd. In 1912 Duluth’s Clow & Nicholsen purchased the vessel, lengthened it by over thirty feet, and renamed it Columbia. She served the Zenith City until 1921, when  Chicago’s West Shore Steamship Company purchased her and moved her to Chicago. In 1934 she was partially burned while wintering on the Chicago River. She was officially put out of service in 1939, but may not have been removed from the river. According to the Great Lakes Vessel Index, the U.S. Corps of Engineers advertised for bids to remove wreck in June, 1948, but the wreck was still there in January, 1960. No further information on the Columbia was available at the time of this writing.