William Corey

The William E. Corey. (Image: Zenith City Online)

The Pittsburgh Steamship company commissioned the Chicago Shipbuilding Company to build the William E. Corey, which launched in 1905. In her first year on the lakes she beached on Gull Island in the Apostle Islands and in 1917 she stranded on Lake Superior’s Gros Cap Reef. She later became part of the U.S. Steel fleet and, in 1963, Toronto’s Upper Lakes Shipping bought her and renamed her Ridgetown. In 1970 she was purposely sunk for use as a temporary breakwater during construction of harbor facilities in Nanticoke, Ontario. Raised, she was sunk purposefully again four years later for another breakwater in Port Credit, Ontario. The ship’s namesake was president of U.S. Steel from 1903–1911.