Historic Photos from Lester Park Golf Course

The following photos came from the walls of the Lester Park Golf Course clubhouse. Few of the photos were marked with the year taken or photographer’s name. The majority of the photos were taken by George Starkey and Charles Curtis. If you can provide more information for any of these photos, please do so in the comments section at the end of the story.

Some of the “Red Caps”: Clarence Lueck, George MacAuly, Warren Andersom, and Hartley Schilling, year unknown.
Tournament runner-up Ritchie Coehen (l) and champ Dick Arnold, year and event unknown.
Rolf Deming of Menomonie, Michigan, 1963 Publinks Champ, with Tom Bartholdi of Lester Park.
Member’s of the Lester Park Women’s Club, year unknown: Mrs. Evelyn Ryan (Secretary/treasurer), Miss Doric Johnson (Evening President), Mrs. Joseph Gershgol (Women’s 18 President), and Mrs. Tom Tomlinson (9-Hole Group Chair).
Max Dreschel and W. B. Evans, year unknown.
Bruce Wager, Hartley Schilling and Mike Delyeay look on as Ray Boisjoli putts on the 15th green, year unknown.
Assistant Pro Bill Rosen, Dick Merman, and pro Norm Johnson, year unknown (may be 1969).
Playing out of the sand, players, hole, and year unknown.
Bill Clark and Pete Anderson of the 148th Fighter Wing consider purchasing some rain protection, year unknown (may be 1973)

“The Pro.” Subject unknown; the back of the photograph states: “Photographed by Wheeler Van Steinburg Oct. 1972 presented to Frenchy April 21, 1973.”
Four unnamed young men photographed at Lester Park Golf Course, year unknown.
Runner-up Harvey Bloom licks his fingers before he touches the “hot” putter of champ Dick Arnold, year and event unknown.
Bill Rosen (Lester Park), Dale Stocke (Enger Park), Henry Newby (Cloquet Country Club), and Cal Carlson (Cloquet Country Club) pose for a photo at Lester Park, year and event unknown.
Four dapper, unnamed gents that for whatever reason posed for this photograph at Lester Park while holding up one, two, three, and four fingers.
This photograph was labelled simply “December, 1962.”
Three unidentified young men (that may be Jonny Olson at left) watch a fourth drop a putt at lester, year unknown.
Keith Duff and Lynn Slonim at Lester, year unknown.
Chick Schweiger, Captain Lynn Slonin, and Danny Erikson (front) enjoy some victory cake after winning the 1968 state golf tournament as Lester Park pro Rick Liljedahl, coach Ole Lee, and Lakeview Golf Club president Jerry Torvund look on.

Jerry Chessen, John Staver, Glen Wicklund, and Gary McKenzie at Lester, year unknown.
Jack Magnuson, Jim Koehler, and Dave “Cookie” Vosica look on as Bob Magnuson reviews his score card, year unknown.
On of these gents is Floyd Anvid; no name was provided for the other. Year unknown.
Pro Rick Liljedahl and John Anderson check over equipment with Wally Rosand, who sat on the Lakewood Golf Club’s board of directors.
Four unnamed gents review a score card at Lester Park, year unknown.
Leo “The Legend” Spooner chips as Bob Magie, John Hall, and Gary McKenzie look on, year unknown.
The back of this photograph, taken some time in the 1960s, is indicative of the times: it identifies these four women enjoying a round at Lester as Mrs. Simon Goldfine, Mrs. Taylor Scotford, Mrs.Isadore Cohen, and Mrs. Richard Liljedahl.
Bobby Sundby hits out of the trap on Lester Park’s hole #4, year unknown.
An unnamed golfer teeing off at Lester, hole unknown, as his opponents and caddies watch, year unknown; note the vital piece of golf equipment standing proud next to his bag.
Rudy Lehto and Lester pro Rick Liljedahl holding the Lakeview Medal trophy, year unknown.
This unnamed bearded gent is likely the winner of the 1966 Lakeview Medal, as he is apparently pointing out where his name will go on the Champion’s plaque (we do not know his companion’s name either).


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