The Memorials at Lester Park Golf Course

Like many other courses in America, Lester Park Golf Course has its share of commemorative benches and hole signs. These are often in memory of a beloved friend who spent a great deal of time at the links. Others were donated to represent groups, such as the “Red Caps,” a group of seniors whose membership continued for years (the Red Caps have two memorial benches at LPGC). One commemorates two holes-in-one by the same player on the same hole, years apart. These benches and signs symbolize the countless hours people have spent on the course, forging friendships and, in many cases, creating extending families. We present them here so that our readers understand that a chunk of land isn’t the only thing at stake. Lester Park Golf Course is part of Duluth’s history, and by selling it the city is essentially pawning off another part of our heritage. Photographs by Steve Peterson, Paul Christensen, and Tony Dierckins.


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