Tower Avenue

Tower Avenue. (Image: Zenith City Press)

If the old saying is true that Superior has “more bar stools than church pews,” then most of them can be found along Tower Avenue. Named for Charlemagne Tower, who developed the Vermilion Iron Range, the street has long been known as Superior’s hub of social activity. Theatres once lined its sidewalks, providing entertainment for folks on both sides of the bay. When electricity first came to town, Tower Avenue became Superior’s “White Way.” During Prohibition, Superior had a reputation as a rough-and-tumble town, and much of the reputed activity took place along Tower. In fact, gangster Al Capone once told a lady friend that Superior “is full of speakeasies and brothels…the law won’t give you any trouble there.” Today, many of its fine old buildings are home to bars that cater mainly to college students.