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A ‘Most Picturesque Sylvan District’

A ‘Most Picturesque Sylvan District’

The History of Duluth's Congdon Park

From Duluth’s Historic Parks: Their First 100 Years by Nancy S. Nelson & Tony Dierckins, Zenith City Press, Spring 2017. Duluth’s Chester Congdon is best known as the man who built Glensheen, the elegant Jacobean manor house and estate perched along the shore of Lake Superior at 3300 London Road. Congdon, an attorney by trade, made his…

Duluth High School

April's Lost Landmark

Duluth’s Missabe Junction

Everything came together at 27th Avenue West

A West End Story, Part 2

Daughters of a star-crossed couple persevere after being orphaned

Mielke Electric

April's Ghost Sign

Fool’s Gold and the Oldest Road in Duluth

How Vermilion Road got its name

Radio Historian Gil Fawcett

This Month's Forgotten Duluthian

The 1892 Lester Park School

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Duluth’s 1902 Public Library

This Month's Grand Old Building

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Duluth’s Underground

A Subterranean History of the Zenith City