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The 1886 Melvin & Ida Forbes Home

The 1886 Melvin & Ida Forbes Home

This Month's Past & Present Pic

Originally published July 2014 July’s Past & Present Pic by Jim Davis takes us to the corner of 6th Avenue East and Second Street, and back to 1886 when Melivn and Ida Forbes hired Oliver Traphagen to design their home in Duluth’s upscale Ashtabula Heights neighborhood. Melvin Forbes first worked as a bookkeeper in Duluth…

The 1892 Duluth Union Depot

This Month's Grand Old Building

Fur Post ruins made of brownstone?

July's Postcard Perspective

Which West Duluth School did I Watch Burn?

This Month's "Ask the Historian"

A Century of Benefit and Pleasure

The history of Superior’s Belgian Club

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The McDougall Terminal

This Month's Lost Landmark

Rules ruled the railroad, all the live-long day

Superior’s Central Avenue Interlocking, Part 3

End of the Lane for Stadium Lanes

Jim Heffernan looks back at a landmark that straddled the West End and West Duluth

Twin Ports Dairy Watertower

This Month's Ghost Sign