A Huge Thanks from Zenith City Press!

Happy 2023, everyone! I wanted to use the first Monday update of 2023 to say thanks for the tremendous support I felt from you throughout the past year. As you may recall, we had all sorts of trouble trying to get the new book, Duluth’s Grand Old Architecture, printed. First there was no paper, and once we had the paper there was no board to make the covers. But so many of you purchased your copies early, you really made a huge difference helping us finance this project. The book finally got here in late August and to date we have sold over 750 copies!

I also got back out on the speaking circuit after the pandemic restrictions lifted and we all became more comfortable getting together again. It’s so much better to give a talk in public than it is over Zoom, and it was wonderful to see so many people I haven’t seen since 2019. Thanks to all the organizations that asked me to speak (and help promote the new book!). I hope to be offering more presentations in 2023, and am starting the year at UMD’s University for Seniors speaking on “Duluth’s Grand Old Architecture” at 11:30 a.m. on January 23.

As for upcoming books, I’m going to start the year getting back to work on a book with local railroad expert Jeff Lemke called “Twin Ports Rail History,” which we hope to have out in time for the 2023 Holiday season. And this spring we’re finally going to get out a book we threatened to release last year: “Duluth’s Aerial Bridge and the Canal It Crosses,” a condensation and of our 2009 “Crossing the Canal: An Illustrated History of Duluth’s Aerial Bridge,” a finalist for the Minnesota Book Award, repackaged to provide visitors to (and residents of!) to the Zenith City a handy guide to (and souvenir of!) the most unique aerial lift bridge in the world.

Have a wonderful 2023!

— Tony Dierckins, Publisher, Zenith City Press