Archive Dive: Duluth Brewing & Malting

This week’s dive into the ZCP archive tells the story of Duluth’s “Moose Brewery,” Duluth Brewing & Malting, a West End fixture from 1896 to 1966. DB&M produced such beloved brands as Rex Beer and Love-It Soda during Prohibition—until Fitger’s purchased both brands at the start of the Great Depression. After Prohibition, DB&M produced Karlsbrau, Royal Bohemian,  Royal 58, and Old English 600, a malt liquor that still sells today as Old English 800. From our book. Naturally Brewed, Naturally Better: The Historic Breweries of Duluth & Superior. Check out the story here.

A tin lithographic sign showing the Duluth Brewing & Malting facility, ca. 1910. It is highly idealized. St. Louis Bay was actually located much farther away and on the opposite side of the complex. What is shown as the bay above would have been a block of residential housing between the brewery and Clyde Iron Works. [Image: Terry Post]