Archive Dive: Duluth‘s Grainy Memories

Moving grain from the Red River Valley through Duluth via railroads and Great Lakes freighters to flour mills int he east helped Duluth get back on its feet after the Panic of 1873,  played an important link in Duluth for the next one hundred years, and still contributes to the local economy. Consequently, Duluth  was once home to dozens of grain elevators, from the first wooden elevator erected in 1870 to the concrete terminals and silos built after 1900, Zenith City contributor Dan Turner examined the history of the Zenith City’s grain terminals back in 2014 and ended up with a fascinating story. Read Turner‘s “Duluth‘s Grainy Memories,” here.

Duluth’s original “elevator row” off Rice’s Point, ca. 1887. (Image: Duluth Public Library)grain