Archive Dive: “Expansion and Prosperity (1888–1919)”

This perspective map of Duluth in 1893 was made by Henry Wellge. (Image: Zenith City Press)

This week’s archive dive presents the fourth chapter of Zenith City Press publisher Tony Dierckins’s Duluth: An Urban Biography, winner of the 2020/2021 Northeast Minnesota Book Award. Titled “Boom to Bust to Boom (Expansion and Prosperity (1888–1919),” the excerpt explains how Duluth boomed over this 30-year period, expanding its borders, adding immigrants to its population, working with growing Superior across the bay, expanding its industry, and finally dealing with war, fire, and flu. Click the links below to read all four sections of “Expansion & Prosperity” from chapter 4 of Duluth: An Urban Biography:

Expanding Borders (1888–1895)

Infrastructure, Industry & Immigrants (1888–1900)

Becoming the Twin Ports (1893–1910)

Reorganization, War, Fire & Flu (1911–1919)