Archive Dive: Fairmount Park & the Duluth Zoo

Did you know that Fairmount Park (no, not Fairmont—that’s a mistake the city has been making since the park was created) was never intended to contain a zoo? And that West Duluth residents insisted that the city create the Park? Or that to save money, for a time zoo founder Bert Onsgaard did not feed animals on the Sabbath? Or that Indian Point Campground was once considered part of Fairmount Park—and included a swimming beach? Well, you would if you read our history of Fairmount Park and the zoo, taken from the book Duluth’s Duluth’s Historic Parks, here.

Lithographic postcard, ca. 1910, of a foot bridge spanning the rocky banks of Kingsbury Creek within Fairmount Park. (Image: Zenith City Press)