Archive Dive: People’s Brewing Co.

West Duluth‘s People‘s Brewing Company was founded by Duluth liquor retailers so they could increase their profits by NOT selling beer made by other breweries. The business model was tossed out when Prohibition became law. The brewery did not survive the 1920s, but was reinvigorated in 1933 and went on to make beloved brands such as Stag. Carlton Club, Regal Supreme, and Olde English 600 malt liquor. But by the mid 1950s, the brewery was selling more soft drinks—7-Up and R.C. Cola—than beer. Enjoy this history of People‘s from our book Naturally Brewed, Naturally Better: The Historic Breweries of Duluth & Superior. Check out the story here.

Employees and investors of People’s Brewing Company in front of the bottling house in 1908. [Image: Public Domain]