Historic Industry

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Powering Industry

Great Northern Power’s Thompson Dam

Great Northern Power Distribution Station

Harvest & Trade

The Fur Trade at Fond du Lac (1816–1839)

Duluth’s Brownstone Industry (1870–1910)

Commercial Fishing on Lake Superior (1834–1960s)

North Shore Fishing Villages

Grain Trade (1870–1972)

Duluth’s Grain Elevators
“Duluth’s Grain Memories”

Timber/Lumber (1880s–1970s)

Logging in Northern Minnesota
Logging Camp Life
The Lumber Industry in Duluth
Duluth’s Lesure Lumber Company
Twin Ports Hardboard Manufacturers

Iron Mining (1884–Today)

Iron Mining in Northeastern Minnesota
The Hard Life of An Early Iron Miner
Ghost Towns of the Iron Range

Duluth’s Jobbing Houses, aka Wholesalers (1872–1958)

Stone-Ordean-Wells Mill


Beer Brewing (1859–1972)

Pioneer Breweries of the Twin Ports (1859–1886)
Fitger’s Brewing Company (1885–1972)
West Superior Brewing Company (Superior, WI; 1889–1901)
Klinkert Brewing Company (Superior, WI; 1890–1909)
Duluth Brewing & Malting (1896–1966)
Northern Brewing Company (Superior, WI; 1898–1968)
People’s Brewing Company (1907–1957)
Historic Minnesota Iron Range Breweries (1891–1920)
Historic Wisconsin South Shore Breweries (1881–1937)

Flour Milling in Duluth (1888–1957)

Imperial Flour Mill
Imperial Mill & Duluth’s Railroads

Metal Fabricators (1875–1985)

Ship Building (1869–1950s)

McDougall’s Whaleback Steamers

Miscellaneous Manufacturers

DeWitt-Seitz Warehouse, Showroom & Factory
Patrick Woolen Mills
Universal Portland Cement/Atlas Cement

Railroads & Railways

Duluth’s Major Railroads

Northern Pacific Railway in the Twin Ports

The Fond du Lac Line & Lost Forbay

Team Tracks of the Twin Ports

Superior’s Central Avenue Interlocking

J. J. Hill v. Northern Pacific
The Busy Life of a Railroad Tower Man
Rules Ruled the Railroad

Northern Pacific Railway’s locomotive Minnetonka

Great Northern Railway’s locomotive William Crooks 

Rail Car Carrier Incan Superior

Railroad Depots

Duluth Union Depot (1892)
DM&IR Railway Endion Station
Duluth’s MStP&SSM (Soo Line) Passenger Station
Superior’s MStP&SSM (Soo Line) Passenger Station
CMO (Omaha Road) Passenger Station

Street Railways (1883–1939)

Duluth Street Railway Company
Glen Avon Station
Morgan Park Streetcar Station
Seventh Avenue West Incline
Duluth Beltline Railway (aka West Duluth Incline)

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