Legendary Tales

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The Legend(s) of the Duluth Ship Canal Dig

Duluth Aerial Transfer Bridge Myths

Mark Twain: “The Coldest Winter I Ever Spent Was a Summer in Duluth”

Walt Whitman: An unpublished poem about to Duluth?

Notorious Madam Grandma Rosa Brochi

Duluth’s City Hall: Prison & Prohibition Fun House

Dick Bong Barnstormed the Aerial Lift Bridge

Fur Post Ruins Made of Brownstone

Jay Cooke photographed at the Clarkhouse Hotel

The mysterious “Jean Duluth” of Jean Duluth Road

The mysterious “Howard Gnesen” of  Howard Gnesen Road

Sean Penn Helped Build the Lift Bridge

Joe Day was Killed in Lincoln Park In 1937

Lake Superior’s Ghost Fleet

A Legend of Spirit Island

True Tales

Robber Barons Battle over the Iron Range

Barnstorming Duluth’s Aerial Bridge

Boeing Tries to Take the Duluth Ship Canal

Bear v. Drunk at the Hotel Duluth

The Town of Fremont Floats Away

Neptune Statue Goes Up in Flames

The Lark of the Lake: Duluth’s “Flying Boat”

False Gold Rush uncovers Iron Ore

Wrecks of the Interstate Bridge, 1906 & 1924

Pirates of Park Point

Rumble on River: A Law-evading Prizefight

Duluth’s Red Scare: Labor Violence, 1918

Call the Midwife, Part 1: Giving Birth in Duluth, 1855–2015

Call the Midwife, Part 2: A Tale of Two Midwives

Tragic Events

The 1905 Mataafa Storm

The Drowning of Richard White

Duluth Ship Canal Tragedies

Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge Tragedies

Duluth’s 1920 Lynchings

Victims of the 1920 Lynchings

The Lynching of Olli Kiukkonen (aka Kinkkonene)


Duluth’s First Murder

A Killer of a Beer Garden

The Last Legal Hanging in St. Louis County

The Slaying of Dr. J. J Eklund

The Murder of Carl Hoppman

The Palmer House Shootings

Boxer-turned-hitman Norman Mastrian

The Killings at Glensheen


The Notorious Madam Gain

The Hotel Brunswick: Gamblers, Tramps & Thieves

Duluth’s Opium Dens

The Temperance Movement in Duluth (1870–1919)

Prohibition in Duluth (1916–1933)

Post-Prohibition Liquor Laws in Duluth  (1933–2017)

The Lakeside/Lester Park Liquor Issue (1889–2016)

Ignoring Sunday Liquor Laws in Duluth (1856–2017)

Beer, or Down Comes the House!

Duluth’s Rip-Roarin’ Rip-Saw News

The Spook Priestess Swindler

On Duluth

“A Week in Duluth” (Atlantic Monthly, 1870)

Proctor Knott’s “The Untold Delights of Duluth” (1871)

Proctor Knott’s “On Duluth” (1890)

“The Promise of Duluth” (19th-century writers)

Mark Twain: Excerpt from Following the Equator (1897)

Photos of Duluth ca. 1900 by William Henry Jackson

“The Duke of Duluth” (Broadway Musical, 1906)

The Duke of Duluth (Novel, 1926)

“Duluth” (Saturday Evening Post, 1949)

Legends of Sport

The Duluth Kelleys / Eskimos (NFL)

The Duluth Dukes

Baseball’s Many Individual “Duluth Dukes”

Professional Hockey’s “Duke of Duluth”

Horse Racing’s “Duke of Duluth”

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