Jackson Elementary

Jackson Elementary. (Image: Duluth Public Library)

422 West 3rd Street | Architect: Palmer & Hall | Built: 1893 | Lost: 1993

Like the 1888 Franklin Elementary, the 1893 Jackson School replaced a wooden facility of the same name on the same lot. Constructed in 1884, the first Jackson Elementary was a ten-room wood-frame building veneered in brick and designed by McMillen and Stebbins. By 1890 overcrowding led to its obsolescence, and it was demolished to make room for a new building. During construction, Jackson students took classes at Central High School. A wing was added in 1895, increasing the classrooms to seventeen. Jackson — named for President Andrew Jackson — served the Downtown Hillside neighborhood until 1962 when students transferred to Emerson and Nettleton Schools. The building was sold to St. Louis County for its Social Service Department, which remained there until 1983 when the building was razed and replaced with a parking ramp.