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Frederick A. Buckingham

Michael & Emily Chambers

Jerome Cooley

Marcus B. Cullum

Joshua B. Culver

Charles d’Autremont

Nicholas & Benjamin Decker

Edmund F. Ely

Josiah D. Ensign

Melvin Forbes

John D. Howard

Trevanion Hugo

Nehemiah Hulett

John C. Hunter Family

Ernest & Robert Jefferson

Charles F. Johnson

Freeman Keen

George and John Lavaque

Lars Lenroot

R. T. Lewis

Sidney Luce

Clinton Markell

Luther Mendenhall

Hulett Merritt

Lewis and Hepzibah Merrit Family

Alexander Miles

Robert P. Miller

Roger Munger

Martin Pattison (aka Simeon Thayer)

Camille Poirer

James D. Ray

William K. Rogers

George Sargent

Bernard Silberstein

William Spalding

George Stuntz

John B. Sutphin

Urs & Elizabeth Tischer Family

Morris Thomas

A. D. Thomson

Major John Upham

Henry & Sara Wheeler Family

Civic & Business Leaders

E. P. Alexander

Dennis “Denny” Anderson

Marshall H. Alworth

Julius Barnes

Joseph Becks

Andrew Bergquist

John A. Blatnik

A. S. Chase

Francis A. Clarkson

Henry “Gramp” Cleveland

Charles F. & Ethel Colman

Chester Congdon

Chester & Clara Congdon Family

Elisabeth Congdon

Marcus J. Davis

The Dickerman Family

Henry Dworshak

Hagbert “Bert” Enger

Hugh Fawcett

Herschel and Bob Fryberger

Karl Hagberg

Roy Halvorson

Guilford Hartley

Roland D. Haven

Henry Helm

Townsend W. Hoopes

Mary Allen Hubert

John Jenswold

Amanda & Ole. O. Kolstad

Charles A. Lanigan

Arthur & Charles E. Lovett

Clarence R. Magney

Albert M. Marshall

Myrtle Marshall

John A. McCuen

Thomas McGilvray

Reverend James McGolrick

Charles G. Miller

Lillian Mosher

Molly (O’Kash) Muench

Henrietta and Henry Nesbitt

Bert Onsgard

Albert Ordean

Frederick W. Paine

F. Rodney Paine

Frederick A. Patrick

William I. Prince

George Reis

Zar D. Scott

John Sebenius

Captain Joseph Sellwood

Frances Skinner

Samuel F. Snively

A. G. & Clara Thomson

Jeremiah Triggs

C. Henry “Typhoid” Truelsen

Jed Washburn

Robert Whiteside

Anna L. Zimmerly

Influential Outsiders

John Jacob Astor

Jay Cooke

Jay Cooke’s Rare Visits to Duluth

Powell Crosley

Daniel Greysolon Sieur du Lhut

Morell & Nichols, Landscape Architects


Frederick German

McMillen & Stebbins

Palmer, Hall & Hunt

Edwin Radcliffe

Oliver Traphagen / Traphagen & Fitzpatrick

J. J. Wangenstein

George Wirth

Scientists, Physicians, & Philosophers

Irving Copi (Philosopher)

William Coventry (Physician)

John Darling (Astronomer)

J. J. Eklund (Physician)

Robert Gilruth (NASA Scientist)

Townsend W. Hoopes II (Statesman)

Abraham Kaplan (Philosopher)

James E. McDonald (UFO Researcher)

Richard Nolte (Statesman)

Andrew F. Sobczyk (Mathematician)

Thomas Storey (Chiropractor and Taxidermist)

Samuel S. Walbank (Physician)

Abbott Washburn (Statesman)



Margaret Culkin Banning (Novelist)
Sidney Buchman (Screenwriter)
Margaret Ann Hubbard (Playwright, Novelist)
Mary McFadden (Journalist)
Ethel Ray Nance (Author, Civil Rights Leader)
Jack O’Brien (Young Adult Novelist)
Lauren Paine (Pulp Novelist)
Hickman Powell (Non-fiction Writer)
Winifred Sanford (Fiction Writer)
Dr. Thomas Shastid (Medical Writer, Novelist)
Wellyn Totman (Screenwriter)
Claude C. Washburn (Novelist)

Visual Artists

Hans Bok (Science Fiction Illustrator)
David Ericson (Painter)
Clifton Karhu (Wood Block Artist)
Bertha Bull Lum (Wood Block Artist)
William Norman (Illustrator)
George Thrana (Stone Carver)
Feodor Von Luerzer (Painter)
Ann Weston (Stained Glass)


Ann Colby Albright (Choral Vocalist)
Dorothy Arnold (Actor)
Millie Baker (Vocalist)
Dorothy Blaine (Vocalist)
Hugh Cameron (Actor)
Ira Cook (Songwriter)
Tommy Cook (Actor)
Marguerite De La Motte (Actor)
Carol Demster (Actor)
Senta Erd (Vocalist)
Gil Fawcett (Actor, Radio Historian)
Jane Frazee (Actor)
Roger Grimsby (Actor, Newscaster)
Sammy Gallop (Songwriter)
Sadik Hakim (Musician)
Elinor Harriot (Actor)
Dave Khan (Songwriter)
Raymond Kark (Actor)
Knudsen, Peggy (Actor)
Don LaFontaine (Voice Actor)
Don Marlowe (Actor)
Russell Mayberry (Actor, Director)
Philip Morris (Actor)
Lorenzo Music (TV Writer, Voice Actor)
Charles Nolte (Actor)
Ralph Oxman (Musician)
Emily Schupp (Dancer)
Clara Stocker (Actor, Educator)
Adelaide Thurston (Actor)

Sports Figures

Lois Dworshak (Figure Skater)

Albert Faille (Outdoorsman)

Wally Gilbert (Baseball and Football Player)

 Ole Haugsrud (Football Executive)

Walt Kiesling (Football Player)

Dan Morgan (Baseball Player)

Ernie Nevers (Football player)

Clinton Russel (Blind Golfer)

Gar Wood (Power Boat Racer)

“Rasty” Wright (Baseball Player)

Military Figures

Richard “Dick” Bong, America’s Ace of Aces

Colonel Hubert Eva, Minnesota’s Last “Indian Fighter”

Albert Woolsen, Last Union Survivor of the Civil War

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