Wisconsin Point

Wisconsin Point in the moonlight, ca. 1910. (Image: Zenith City Press)

While Wisconsin Point and Minnesota Point make up the world’s largest sandbar, the points differ greatly from one another. Minnesota Point is highly developed with homes, community buildings, businesses, and even an airport. Wisconsin Point has been left almost completely natural. This may well be because it is considerably more narrow than its Minnesota counterpart. All the better for its recreational users. Most of the Point is covered by pine forest and a vast stretch of beach. The beach is a popular spot for late-night summer parties, when the shoreline is likely to be dotted with bonfires and revelers. Hikers and bikers will enjoy the Osaugie Recreation Trail, a 5.5-mile trek running between the Nemadji River to Moccasin Mike Road and on to the end of the Point, where a lighthouse stands at the end of a long stone pier.

The Point is also home to the site of a traditional Fond du Lac Chippewa burial ground that dates from the 17th century. The graves were moved to Superior’s St. Francis Cemetery in 1918, but the site is well marked and many visitors still leave offerings of respect, such as tobacco, dream catchers, and other less traditional gifts. Please respect the site as you would any other burial ground. To get to Wisconsin Point, take Highway 53 southeast to the outskirts of Superior and turn left onto Moccasin Mike Road—the road will take you all the way to the end of the point.

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