1893 Birdseye Map of Duluth, Minnesota

This week’s featured design from Zenith City Press’s line of vintage reproduction art is reproduction and digital restoration of a lithographic birdseye perspective map depicting Duluth, Minnesota, in 1887, drawn by American lithographer Henry Wellge (1850-1917). Wellge’s maps are incredibly detailed and provide a unique vision of the cities he sketched across the U.S. Originally produced in black-and-white, we have retained the aged look of prints archived by the Library of Congress.

Due to the long, narrow shape of these perspective maps, they are available in a limited number of products, including prints (framed or unframed on canvas, art paper, metal, acrylic, or wood), greeting cards, and coffee mugs. But if you’d like it on something else, email us and we’ll see if we can make it available.

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