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Duluth’s Historic Parks

Duluth’s Historic Parks

Their First 160 Years

by Tony Dierckins & Nancy S. Nelson

Duluth is a community of parks, with 170 separate greenspaces, sporting facilities, and scenic boulevards comprising nearly 12,000 acres or roughly 25 percent of the city. Illustrated with over 300 photographs, sketches, and lithographs, Duluth’s Historic Parks covers the creation and development of today’s Skyline Parkway and Duluth’s major historic parks—Lincoln Park, Chester Park, Lester Park, Fairmount Park, Leif Erikson Park, Congdon Park, Kitchi Gammi Park, Enger Park, Chambers Grove, Fond du Lac Park, Hartley Park, and parks located on Minnesota Point—as well as the city’s undeveloped parks, playgrounds, and sports venues, unfolding the story of how Duluthians from all walks of life gave their time, energy, and often personal wealth to ensure a quality of life and appreciation of nature that makes the Zenith City remarkable as one of the greenest modern communities in the nation, if not the world.

Softcover | 256 Pages | 300 Illustrations | 10 x 8 inches

Praise for Duluth’s Historic Parks

“Duluth’s Historic Parks captures the vision, energy, and generosity of early leaders who championed our parks—and the historic images are priceless.”

— Sam Cook, Duluth News Tribune

Seal for Winner of the Northeast Minnesota Book Award

about the authors

Nancy S. Nelson has worked as a freelance technical writer, geologist, and educator in the Duluth area for over twenty years, writing and editing for a variety of non-profit and grassroots organizations, political campaigns, newspapers, government agencies, and environmental consulting firms. She has also taught at Lake Superior College, University of Wisconsin–Superior, and Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College. One of the founders of Duluth’s Skyline Planning and Preservation Alliance, she continues to advocate for the protection of our historic greenspaces.

Learn more about author and Zenith City Press publisher TONY DIERCKINS HERE.

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