From the Archive: Skyline Parkway (& Seven Bridges Road)

It‘s only April and the snow is already gone. Duluthians have already taken to the great outdoors, and in this town that means hitting the parks. So this week’s dive into the archives focuses on the backbone of Duluth’s incredible park system: Skyline Parkway. Originally designed as “The Boulevard” in the late 1890s, a carriage path to connect Lincoln Park and Chester Park, the roadway grew along with the city, and by 1929 it stretched nearly 30 miles from Lester Park to Fond du Lac. Learn how and why Duluth built this road along the ancient shore of Glacial Lake Duluth here.

Lithographic postcard, ca. 1904, of a coaching or “Tallyho” party touring Rogers Boulevard, today’s Skyline Parkway. (Image: Zenith City Press)