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Naturally Brewed, Naturally Better

Naturally Brewed, Naturally Better

The Historic Breweries of Duluth & Superior

by Tony Dierckins & Pete Clure

Beer brewing was the first industry at the Head of the Lakes, started in 1859 by German and French immigrants. Pioneer breweries bounced between economic booms and busts until 1885, when August Fitger took charge of the Lake Superior Brewery. Four major breweries—Fitger’s, Duluth Brewing & Malting, Northern, and People’s—served Duluth and Superior through their boom times, struggled during Prohibition, and thrived after its repeal—but could not survive the post-war consolidation that put an end to most regional breweries. Fitger’s closed in 1972, marking the end of Duluth’s oldest manufacturer—but the historic facility survived to incubate the area’s craft-brewing industry, helping to make the Twin Ports the beer-lover’s paradise it is today. Featuring 600 historic and modern photos, Naturally Brewed, Naturally Better traces the history of the Twin Ports brewing industry from the 1859 to 2018 and introduces readers to today’s brewers.

Softcover | 224 Pages | 600 Illustrations | 10 x 8inches

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about the authors

Duluth native Pete Clure has been collecting memorabilia related to and researching the history of brewing in the Twin Ports for more than forty years. He has coauthored articles for the American Breweriana Journal and is a member of the American Breweriana Association, the National Association of Breweriana Advertising Collectors, the North Star Chapter of the Breweriana Collectors of America, the Hamm’s Club, and Duluth’s own Nordlager Club. But most days you’ll find him working as a sales representative for Michaud Distributing, making sure that the Twin Ports never run out of beer.

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