Sneak Peek: Duluth Masonic Temple

Duluth photographer Hugh McKenzie captured this image of Duluth’s 1905 Masonic Temple c. 1910. (Image: University of Minnesota Duluth Kathryn A. Martin Library Archives and Special Collections)

After more then tens years after we began researching and writing Duluth’s Grand Old Architecture, the book is finally going to press this week right here in Duluth at J. S. Print Group. We are expecting to have books by Monday, August 15. It’s been a struggle, and paper costs have raised even higher than we expected. As a result, we have to increase the book‘s price from $55 to $60—but if you order the book before Friday August 12 you can get it for the early bird price of $55.

Enjoy this week’s sneak peek from the book:

This week’s sneak peek at our newest bookDuluth’s Grand Old Architecture 1870–1940 by Tony Dierckins and Maryanne C. Norton—still stands and continues to serve its original purpose. Duluth‘s Masonic Temple no longer sports the corner domes that originally graced the building, but inside you’ll find one of the most opulent and best-outfitted Scottish Rite theaters in the nation. Discover much more about the 1904 Duluth Masonic Temple HERE. (Preview Duluth’s Grand Old Architecture HERE and see which structures are included by viewing the book’s contents here.)

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