Looking Forward: The Locomotive William Crooks

Here’s one of the earliest known images of the Wm. Crooks showing its original straight top boiler and triple domes before it was rebuild after the roundhouse fire of 1868. The logs in the tender are the fuel that fire the boiler of this wood-burning locomotive. (Image: Twin Ports Rail History)

As we work toward the completion of Twin Ports Trains: The Historic Railroads of Duluth & Superior 1870–1970, we are sharing excerpts from the book to give readers a little taste of what’s in store. As we finish editing selected stories from the book, we will share them with you here through our Monday Updates.

This week’s sneak peek is a story about the very first locomotive to operate in Duluth, and while it never operated in Duluth nor Superior, it somehow ended up right here in the Zenith City, on display at the Lake Superior Railroad Museum within the Depot. Enjoy our history of the locomotive William Crooks here.

The latest idea for the cover for Twin Ports Trains (like the book itself, it’s a work in progress…).