January 20: 1922: The funeral of Guilford Hartley

On this day in Duluth in 1922, Guilford G. Hartley was laid to rest at Forest Hill Cemetery following a simple service in his stately home at 1308 East Superior Street. His pall bearers included his brother Hebert, his sons Guilford and Cavour, and his sons-in law James Claypool, D. H. Lewis, and Walter Congdon. Guilford Graham Hartley had died on January 17 in his home. The previous night he became ill during a concert at First Methodist Church, and physician J. J. Eklund said that Harltey had “suffered an attack of acute indigestion, followed by a fainting spell.” The Duluth News Tribune also reported that Hartley had been battling illness for almost three years, ever sine he had a bout of influenza in 1919. The newspaper explained that Hartley “was connected with practically every major industry of Duluth during his lifetime.” He even once owned the News Tribune. The paper went on to say “His love of life was intense, his happiness when surrounded by the members of his family were illimitable, his interest in all the affairs going on about him was of the keenest. His mind was ever conceiving new projects. Planning and accomplishing was his life.” There’s much more to the life of this remarkable Duluthian, and you can read about it here.

Guilford G. Hartley. (Image: Duluth Public Library)

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