July 25, 1892: Death of pioneer—and alleged bachelor—Nehemia Hulett 

On this day in in 1892, Duluth pioneer Nehemiah Hulett died suddenly as he was running to catch a train in Aldrich, Minnesota. But he collapsed before he made it, and witnesses speculated that “the exertion in the hot sun had been too much” for the 70-year-old Hulett. Hulett was the namesake of Hulett C. Merritt (pictured), later considered the richest man in California. The newspaper also described Hulett as a bachelor and that he left behind nearly $500,000. The next day Hulett’s former housekeeper attempted to cash a check from Hulett made out to her, and she claimed to be his widow. Find out if Lucy got to keep any of Hulett’s estate, and how Hulett Merritt made all his money, here.

Hulett C. Merritt, year unknown. (Image: Find-a-Grave)