June 24: 1914: Owner of 24-year-old Superior dog applies for license

On this day across the bay in 1914, D. W. Thomas applied for a license for his dog Bruno, who he claimed was 24 years old. The Duluth News Tribune reported the story under the all-caps headline “AGED DOG ON BRINK OF GRAVE WANTS TO DIE NATURAL DEATH.” The story read, “Deaf and blind and so old he no longer wags his tail when petted by his master, Superior’s oldest dog limped into City Clerk Emmett McKeague’s office yesterday and applied for a license. He was followed by his owner, D. W. Thomas of Itasca, who furnished the necessary funds for the dog’s license tag. Bruno, the name of our hero, is 24 years old, which breaks all dog age records at the clerks office. For a time it was thought that W. J. Sommer’s ‘Brownie,’ age 18, topped the age list, but Bruno’s one score and four makes his competitor look like a puppy. Bruno’s usefulness as a dog us practically at an end. At one time he was a frivolous black and white spaniel puppy. Now he is an old, shaggy dog of no practical use except as a valuable antique. Thomas values him because the dog has been his pal since his boyhood days.”