May 10, 1920: Duluth mayor C. R. Magney files to run for district court judge

On this day in Duluth in 1920, mayor Clarence R. Magney filed to run for district court judge, which forced him to resign as mayor on September 15 of the same year. Former Duluth mayor Trevanion Hugo was appointed to serve out Magney’s term as mayor. Duluthians elected Magney, an attorney, as their mayor in 1917 when he was just thirty-four years old. During his very eventful administration the United States entered the war in Europe (claiming 56 Duluth lives), the Spanish influenza epidemic killed over 400 Duluthians, the 1918 Cloquet Fire took 453 people in the region—85 in and near Duluth—and three innocent black men were lynched by a mob of Duluthians. Historians wrote that while in office, Magney “gave a vigorous administration of municipal affairs throughout the critical period of the war, and showed every qualification for heading the government of one of the best cities in the northwest.” He also expanded Duluth’s park system, acquiring the land that became Magney, Memorial, Upper Chester, and Enger Parks, a total of 1,433 acres—the most park acreage acquired during any period of Duluth’s growth. Read more about Magney’s remarkable accomplishments here.

Clarence R. Magney. (Image: Duluth Public Library)

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